Standard 7: Professionalism and Ethics

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Course Outline

Canada’s professional forester serves the public interest and understands the role of the profession. Professional foresters have integrity, are competent, independent and accountable for their actions and decisions. They maintain professional standards and conduct based on ethical principles including life­ long learning and continuing competency requirements. In Ontario, registered professional foresters are legally accountable for resource management decisions that directly affect the ~56 Million hectares of publicly-owned productive forest under management through various legal agreements with the forest industry.

This course covers a range of related topics, with particular emphasis on: describing the role of self-regulating professions in society; Describing a range of duties and obligations imposed on, and by, professional regulatory bodies; Explaining Competency Limitations; and Describing the characteristics and attitudes of a professional forester.

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This course involves a combination of recorded lectures, readings, assignments, quizzes and participation in semi-synchronous online discussion forums at a self-paced timeline. The course is composed of 7 steps that must be completed to a satisfactory level to pass the course.

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