Module 5.1 – Communicate effectively with a variety of audiences regarding forest resource issues

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Course Description

Module 5.1 will enhance students’ leadership skills through learning activities that focus on communication skills. The aim is for students to learn approaches to analyze and communicate solutions to complex resource issues clearly so to be able to advise a wide spectrum of stakeholders, senior managers, and clients of all types. Key topics include professional and technical report writing and making effective presentations.

Specific objectives are to enable participants to: Demonstrate an ability to communicate resource information to a diverse range of audiences; Demonstrate a range of effective listening skills; Use formal reports to present data, information, and opinions, and Prepare and deliver a presentation that incorporates concepts and terminology of natural resources

Course Schedule

This course involves a combination of recorded lectures, readings, assignments and participation in semi-synchronous online discussion forums and synchronous tutorials with instructors and other participants over an 8-week period

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Course Content

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