Module 2.3 – Explain influences and outcomes of agents of change on forests and landscapes


Course Description

Overall objectives of Module 2.3 are to enhance students’ knowledge and comprehension of influences and outcomes of agents of change on forest ecosystems at forest stand and landscape scales. Key topics include the impacts of forest insects and disease, integrated pest management concepts, natural disturbances from forest fire and weather events, impacts of climate change, and the myriad influences of human impacts on the ecology of forests and forested landscapes. Participants are encouraged to undertake related field training (Module 2.5)

Specific objectives are to enable students to: Recognize and explain the dynamics of and roles of insects and disease on forests and landscapes; Explain how integrated pest management can modify change on forests and landscapes; Explain the role of fire and weather factors on forests and landscapes; Recognize the impact of changing climate on forests and landscapes; and Discuss the influence of human activities on forests and landscapes

Course Schedule

This course involves a combination of recorded lectures, readings, assignments and participation in semi-synchronous online discussion forums and synchronous tutorials with instructors and other participants over an 8-week period

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