Module 2.2 – Describe and apply the classification schemes using vegetative, climatic, and edaphic characteristics


Course Description

Overall objectives of Module 2.2 are to enhance students’ knowledge of and abilities to apply forest ecosystem classification systems at multiple spatial scales, with an emphasis on the utility of different types of biophysical, biogeographic, and bioclimatic data, alone and in combination, to classify forest ecosystems. Participants are strongly encouraged to undertake related field training (Module 2.5)

Specific objectives are to enable students to: Describe how a classification scheme is developed and applied; Be able to identify soils and vegetation to the degree necessary to be used in an ecological classification scheme; and Describe and apply an ecological site classification system.

Course Schedule

This course involves a combination of recorded lectures, readings, assignments and participation in semi-synchronous online discussion forums and synchronous tutorials with instructors and other participants over an 8-week period

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