Module 1.1 – Identify plants and describe their physiology, growth, morphology, and synecology


Course Description

Overall objectives of Module 1.1 are to increase student’s knowledge and comprehension of biophysical elements of forest and urban forest ecosystems, with particular attention to plant and tree physiology, tree species life history characteristics, and tree species-species and species-environment interactions.

Specific objectives are to prepare participants to be able to: Identify plants in a regional context; Describe the anatomy morphology, and physiology of plants; Explain the interaction between plants and environment; Describe plant communities; and Explain the relationships between and within plant communities. Participants are strongly encouraged to undertake related field training (Module 1.4).

Course Schedule

This course involves a combination of recorded lectures, readings, assignments and participation in semi-synchronous online discussion forums and synchronous tutorials with instructors and other participants over an 8-week period

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