August 8, 2016


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Collaboratively administrated by the The Canadian Institute of Forestry, The University of TorontoHaliburton Forest, and funded by the Ontario government and the Ontario Professional Foresters Association, the Bridge Training Program will improve access to competency‐based training and assessment modules for elements of the 35 demonstrable competency requirements associated with the Canadian Federation of Professional Forestry Associations’ (CFPFA) 2008 Certification Standards for the Profession of Forestry in Canada. These competency requirements apply in Ontario and all other Canadian jurisdictions in which forestry is a regulated profession, except Quebec.

The CFPFA 2008 Certification Standards for for the Profession of Forestry in Canada provides a common set of competency‐based academic and work experience requirements that all applicants for professional practise must meet in order to verify an applicant’s qualifications for formal recognition as a Registered Professional Forester (R.P.F.). The Certification Standards include seven core Competency Standards, each of which includes multiple demonstrable competency requirements.

This program will help Internationally Trained Foresters (ITF) and domestically trained foresters from non-accredited post-secondary institutions acquire the skills they need to practise professional forestry in Canada.


The collaborative will deliver on 4 of the 7 2008 Certification Standards for for the Profession of Forestry in Canada.  Depending on your competency needs, you may be required to take portions of the Standard (individual modules) or the entire Standard (all modules within a Standard).  Courses offered:


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